Spinal Injury Nurses Association



The Spinal Injury Nurses Association publications are published under the title Bookworm. We aim to publish high standard information from nurses and carers relating to spinal cord injury.

All publications are A4 size photocopied pages, and are published on the basis of not-for-profit. The prices are set to cover the cost of photocopying and postage.

If you would like copies of these publications contact Trudi O'Neil the Honorary Public Officer via PO Box 1033 Strathfield NSW 2135 or on (02) 9746 5700.

SINA also publishes Clinical 43 Notes. Click here to see a sample of this publication in PDF format.


  • Essays in Caring, 1992. Free presentations at the first and second conference (not currently in stock)

  • Kemp, L., Hengstberger-Sims, C. and Hebblewhite, J. Where Can They Be? Analysis of a needs assessment of the spinal injured population of New South Wales, 1996. $7.00

  • Trauma 1996 Chapter 5 "Primary Care in Spinal Cord Injury". worldortho.com

  • Essays in Caring, 1998. A selection of free presentations at the annual Spinal Injury Conference sessions 1991-1998. $8.00

  • Cartwright, J. Acute Spinal Care Injury 2001. A good introductory text on which to develop understanding of the dynamics of nursing care. $6.00

  • Hebblewhite, J. Small is Beautiful, 2002. A concise history of the annual Spinal Injury Conference nd the contribution to the exchange of ideas and experiences of people involved in spinal injury care 1991-2001. $5.00
  • Pryor, J. Jannings, W. 2004. "Preparing patients to self- manage faecal
    continence following spinal cord injury". IJTR.11(2) 79-82.

  • Jannings, W. Kelly, M. 2001. "Difficulty in removing suprapubic catheters
    in home based patients: a comparative descriptive study". AJAN.19(2)20-25
  • Glendenning G/Hebblewhite J. 2010. "Politics, Nursing, Education: a short history of the post graduate course for spinal injury nursing at The College of Nursing"