The Big Event – Launch of our Bus

The rain held off until the event concluded! Some 150 supporters and guests joined in the celebration and the 'commissioning' and 'dedication' of a fully modified bus. Pictures tell 'a thousand words' and the photographs display it all.

The Chairperson of Freedom Across Australia Professor John Yeo, joined with our Patrons Barbara Perry and Laurie Ferguson in cutting the ribbon to officially commission the Bus.

The bus together with the specially modified trailer now make a fantastic rig to enhance the travel adventures of people with disability.

Long Distance Touring with Freedom Across Australia

This activity began in 1988 called "Travel 43" [after Ward 43 in Lidcombe Hospital] as an avenue to encouraging self confidence and also to enhance quality of living for people living with disabilities (physical and mental). In 2000 a trust was established called Freedom Across Australia to enhance the activity and this in turn came under the umbrella of a the Auburn  Lidcombe Lions Club. Go to the FAA website for information on the tours and other associated activities.


"Some Milestones"

1986     idea mooted
1988     first tour under title "Travel 43"
2000     "Freedom Across Australia" formed
2001     first issue of "Free Wings"
2002     trailer donated
2003     Bus 'launched' on November 30th
2004     "Freedom Across Australia" becomes activity of the Auburn Lidcombe Lions Club.
2005     55 day 'around Australia ' tour successfully completed.
2006     41st tour held in May.
2007     New tour organizer, new secretary, new treasurer take over following the Annual General Meeting.

The management structure in place under the Patronage of Barbara Perry
M.P. and Laurie Ferguson M.P. is as follows:
Chair Person: Professor John Yeo.
Co Chair: the Reverend John Hebblewhite
Secretary: Barbara Curtin
Treasurer: John Shanley
Committee Members: Louise Bryans, Harry Brindley, Con Demetriou, Ralph
Heness, David Priest, Peter Stokes, Joy Yeo.
Tours arranged and conducted by Harry Brindley

The bus

Cutting the Ribbon  by FAA Patrons Barbara Perry and Laurie Ferguson.

Happy group including Chairperson, co Chairperson, Peter Stokes FAA Secretary, Steve Bushell Auburn/Lidcombe Lions President.

FAA co Chairperson John Hebblewhite speaking to supporters.

Bird Yard Big Band who played great music for the 'Big Event".

The trailer being opened for display.